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Spout Station

Spout Station - Full View Spout Station - Cutter Spout Station - Top
Completed machine The cylinder with red top holds the cutter which perforates the bag for the spout. Installs the spout into the bag.

The Spout Station machine installs spouts in plastic sheeting used to form large plastic bags for bulk packaging of salad oil, soft drinks, milk products and other food industry items. The spouts are installed two at a time. The machine is complete with linear XY digital readouts for resettings jobs for different bag sizes.

The base machine is produced from a blue print provided by the customer. All parts for the machine are engineered and assembled by Gonsel's Machine Shop. The machines are painted different colors according to customer specifications.

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Rollup Machine

Condom Rollup Machine - Full View


Two-stage piston application to rollup condoms. The condoms are synthetic, not latex; therefore, they could not be just molded.

Two additional views available.

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